Welcome to Heart 2 Heart Bakery & Cafe'

Heart 2  Heart Bakery & Café is described by our customers as a tasteful experience that touches all the senses in a most delightful way. 

It is a gathering place, a food place, a friendly place, a Godly, loving kind of place.   It is a comfortable place to meet or contemplate; to eat or inwardly digest thought. 

It is a blending place surrounded by love and exquisite taste.  Taste in cakes and coffee’s; taste in décor and taste in fellowship.

It is a place that steps backwards in time to warm, friendlier place where people enjoyed personalized, caring service where your choices came first.  It is an environment that is warm like a living room yet offers modern wi-fi connectivity.  It is a place that seems timeless.

Located near major intersections, it is a place easy to get to and find yet not being in the middle of all the traffic and hurriedness. 

It is a place where one or dozens can meet and gather. 

It is a place that is warm to diverse people from all backgrounds and is welcoming to city, urban and country folk.

It is a place uncommon in today’s busy world where the pace is a bit quieter, a bit more relaxed and certainly a bit tastier than what is found anywhere else.

It is a place that blends custom prepared cakes and pies, fresh coffee and other beverages; tables, chairs and couches to relax, visit, work, contemplate, communicate. 

It is a place where you feel most welcome and find substance to feed your soul.  It is a magnetic place where, once visited, you will want to return.  A family kind of place, a loving kind of place from our heart to yours.